Community Programs

Plant Nursery Projects

Arrabri Community House runs a number of horticulture programs. Our garden nursery is set in a quiet natural bush setting and has some great features to offer.

Our horticulture courses may include:

  • In the Garden - a basic horticulture course
  • Herb Garden know how
  • Permaculture - with Pete the Permie
  • Water tanks for the Wary
  • Grow your own Veggies

Facilities include:

  • A fully qualified tutor;
  • One igloo with an automatic watering system for growing plants to sell;
  • Benches for propagating and potting;
  • Raised garden beds;
  • A variety of fruit and berry bushes;
  • Vegetable and strawberry patch;
  • Rain gauge and bird feeder;
  • Two gardening sheds with tools and equipment;
  • Compost bins;
  • Flower beds;
  • Fully fenced secure environment;
  • Opportunities to maintain the community environment around Arrabri grounds;
  • Heated portable (lunchroom), which includes fridge, microwave, hot/cold water, radio and games/magazines.

Please ring to arrange a visit to see the program running and view our excellent facilities.

Arrabri Community House offers a broad range of programs, courses and activities. 

We are a member of Learn Local, providing adult community education and training in Victoria.


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